About Us

Plastic pollution of the planet’s ocean is one of the worst environmental problems globally, international bodies estimating that by 2050 we may have more plastic in our waters than fish. According to an estimate by the the University of Vienna, 4.2 tons of plastic are transported every day (1,533 t/year) by the Danube, a quasi-integral collector of the Romanian hydrographic network in the Black Sea.

The “Clean waters” program develops actions to collect the plastic already existing in the riverbed, and applies measures to prevent and combat future discharges. Together with members of riparian communities and local authorities, we identify and implement a series of solutions to reduce and prevent plastic pollution of the Danube waters. In order to fight with a flow of 4.2 tons of waste/day, extensive and long-term actions are needed, throughout the Danube basin and its tributaries, both in Romania and in the riparian countries.